Perfect Money A Simple & Secure Payment System

In this article we will do a Perfect Money Review, we want to provide you with comprehensive and practical information about PerfectMoney

It provides a simple service for users and Internet business owners to transfer money and accept payment online in a safe and secure manner

It is one of the popular companies providing international payment servicesAnyone can easily create an account in the Perfect Money system and take advantage of its various services.

Features of Perfect Money

One of the features that have made Perfect Money a popular payment system is the possibility of using a recharge card called “Perfect Money e-Voucher” (coupon). 

In the e-Voucher, you can top-up the PM account balance or pay on any website that accepts this method, just by entering the voucher number and code, without the need for a Perfect Money account

PM system works like an online bank, and you can create separate wallets for different currencies.

Type of Perfect Money Wallets:

Perfect Money Wallets

It supports 4 types of wallets for 4 different currencies

  • USD wallet: equivalent to United States Dollar
  • EUR wallet: equivalent to Euro
  • GOLD Wallet – equivalent to precious metal.
  • BTC wallet – equivalent to Bitcoin.

Perfect Money Services and How to Use

Users can accept it via the computer website or the Perfect Money app available for iOS and Android.

  • Easy to make money transfers with low fees and instant
  • Purchase product and service from online stores and websites
  • High security of transactions – no risk of chargeback
  • Easy and fast access
  • Ability to exchange and convert to bitcoins and other digital currencies
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support.

Types of Perfect Money Accounts

Normal/Regular account:

Every user who registers on the Perfect Money website falls into this category

Users with normal accounts can easily enjoy the various capabilities of this system without any limitations.

Premium Account:

At the end of the first year of activity, if the account turnover reaches a certain amount (US$ 100,000 or equivalent), the user will have the opportunity to upgrade the account.

For this, the user must submit a request to the Perfect Money customer serviceThe premium account has advantages, the main of which is the lower service fees and transactions than the regular account.

Partner Account:

This type of account is not available to ordinary people. In fact, only a representative of a payment system or an exchange office can have such an account. 

This type of account is very useful for e-commerce companies. The Perfect Money partner account facilitates B2B payments. 

This type of account has the lowest fees and the annual interest of 8 per cent is given.

Create a perfect money account

Risk of using Perfect Money

It is registered in PanamaPanama is a country that does not have strict financial oversight laws

For example, this company (unlike Western companies) can invest its users’ assets in various activitiesThis increases the risk of saving money in this system

This is the main reason why this electronic currency is not accepted in many large online stores.

Perfect Money Security


All payment methods in the world are always the target of fraudsters and hackers. 

However, it does not get much attention from these criminals due to its lower popularity (compared to other methods such as PayPal or credit cards). 

It uses a total of three methods to increase the security of users’ accounts and their transactionsThese three methods are:

  1. Check the user’s IP and email verification via OTP
  2. SMS authentication
  3. Code card for transactions.

  1. Check the user’s IP and email verification via OTP
    • When registering in the perfect money system, the user’s IP is automatically recordedThe next time the user wants to log in to their account, they must use the same IPIf the IP is not the same, the user must enter a one time password/PIN(OTP) that will be sent to the registered email.
  2. SMS authentication
    • If you have enabled this feature, an OTP code will be sent to your registered phone number each time you enter your username and password to enter the perfect money website.
  3. Code card for transactions.
    • In this method, a card with a graphic image is sent to the user via emailThere are several codes on this cardThe user enters one of these codes to perform each transaction as asked by systemThis simple method is one of the effective ways to confirm the transactionMany of the world’s largest financial institutions also use this method.

What is the Perfect Money fee?

Fees vary depending on the type of account and transaction you intend to make.

If you visit the official Perfect Money website’s fees section, you can see the table of transaction fees:

For internal transfers

  • Premium account 0.5%
  • Verified account 0.5%
  • Unverified account 1.99%

It is one of the low fee payment systems. Its transaction fee rate is lower than WebMoney’s transaction fee, which is Perfect Money’s main competitor

The cost of the internal transfer, ie transferring money from one Perfect Money account to another is 0.5% of the total transaction amount

In other words, if you want to transfer money from your PM account to another PM account, you have to pay 0.5% of the total transaction amount as a fee, which automatically will be deducted from your account.